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We Understand What's at Stake.   DO YOU?
Your Freedom Is at Risk.

Like the queen who has the most moves and is the strongest defender on the chess board, Carter & Putnam LLC offers you the strongest criminal defense. As Former Prosecutors, we have all the right moves to defend your case.

Move to hire Carter & Putnam LLC to defend your rights when you are charged with a crime. Your future demands that you make the right decision, so hire the strongest players on the board. Carter & Putnam LLC will protect your freedom.

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Your future and freedom are at risk when you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Grandview, MO!

The Time to Fight is Now.

The Grandview law enforcement officers have the full force of the government at their disposal to deprive you of your rights. You should not go through the legal process without a skilled criminal lawyer at your side. To protect your interests in the Grandview courts, you need an intelligent, motivated, criminal defense team behind you. At Carter & Putnam LLC, we understand the urgency of criminal charges and will help preserve your rights at every stage. Hire the Grandview Criminal Defense Lawyers at Carter & Putnam, LLC to represent you . We know the Grandview system and how to get things done when you need it the most.

Every move you make can have serious consequences.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between freedom or serious jail time. American Citizens are guaranteed certain rights by the U.S. Constitution and it's amendments along with the State Constitution. At Carter & Putnam LLC, our lawyers vigorously and creatively defend the rights of their clients in the Grandview courts which are guaranteed by the Constitution.

Being charged with a crime is serious business. Any criminal conviction is a permanent mark on your record that will be seen by prospective employers and anyone else who requests a criminal background check on you. A felony conviction will lead to the loss of many civil rights including the right to vote and possess a firearm. This means even a simple low level felony child support case will prevent you from EVER hunting again!! More importantly, you could be sent to prison.

We are Dedicated to Protecting You.

Unlike many law firms, we devote our entire law firm to each case. We work closely with each client to navigate each and every step of the case. As a client, you will be expected to be actively involved in your case. Attorneys, J. Denise Carter and Tamara Putnam are absolutely committed to preparing a rigorous defense to ensure your constitutional and procedural rights.



At Carter & Putnam LLC, you have over 30 years of combined, focused criminal defense in your corner. Don’t risk your future by choosing a “cut rate” attorney with limited experience. To protect your interests, you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense team behind you. The decisions of when to hire an attorney and which attorney to hire, can be the most important decision of your life. At Carter & Putnam, LLC we have the experience, skill and tenacity to successfully represent you. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Grandview, hire the Grandview Criminal Lawyers at Carter & Putnam, LLC to represent you!

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